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USA Email: Mr Peter Taylor

Canada Email: Mr Peter Taylor

Brazil Email: Mr. Rubens Wilmers

Chile Email: Mr Pablo Ortega

Chile Email: Mr Manuel Fuenzalida

Argentina Email: Mr Nestor Rostagnd

China Email: Newfoil Machines

Turkey Email: Mr Mert Topcuoglu

Germany Email: Starfoil (Mr Rini Laros)

Austria Email: Mr Andreas Hofner

Hungary Email: Mr Andreas Hofner

Switzerland Email: Mr Andreas Hofner

Holland Email: Starfoil (Mr Rini Laros)

Belgium Email: Starfoil (Mr Rini Laros)

Spain Email: Mr Enric Pont

Portugal Email: Mr Enric Pont

France Email: Laurent Gremmel

Russia Email: Mr Walter Besler

Romania Email: Mr Octav Preoteasa

Poland Email: Mr Krzsztof Przasnek

Czech Republic Email: Mr Michal Kloc

Peru Email: Mr Claudio Jose Pastorino Wagner

Venezeula Email: Newfoil Machines

Serbia Email: Mr Jani Lasic

BIH Email: Mr Jani Lasic

Macedonia Email: Mr Jani Lasic

Albania  Email: Mr Jani Lasic

Montenegro Email: Mr Jani Lasic

Croatia Email: Mr Jani Lasic

Thailand Email: Newfoil Machines

Guatemala Email: Mr Jaime R. Ancalmo

South Africa Email: Mr Gary Van Den Heuvel

Industry Links

Newfoil Machines have sales and service centres all over the World, our hot foil printing equipment and label converting machines are well regarded within the Worldwide printing industry for their high build quality and reliability.

Worldwide Industry Links

Ashwell Dies Label Die Manufacturer

API Foils Foil Manufacturer
Hinderer+Muehlich Die makers and engravers
Leonhard Kurz (UK) Foil Manufacturer
Tomlinson LTD. Die makers and engravers
Western Decorating Technologies Foil supplier
Pack Vision Hot stamping foil & Cold Foil Print

Customer Links

Vila Etiketten B.V.
A.R.C. Labels
Custom Labels
Label Tec Scotland



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